Secret Wish List

In my mind, a genie will appear and grant me not three but 5 wishes. Aside from the number, this genie is a bit different because things like buying a house and lot, donating to charity, world peace and the like are disqualified as wishes. The genie in my mind said those things are granted by a true-blue genie. She is a kikay genie after all and will only grant the secret wishes hidden in the hearts of women.

Here's the 5 wishes I would like kikay genie to grant me.

1. To sleep one night in a hotel every weekend. I like taking little breaks to reward me of the hard work I did the past week. And staying at a hotel is like having a mini vacation without ever living the city. Plus, you don't have to make up the bed. Yey!

2. The perfect outfit to wear for any ocassion. I'd ask genie for a magic closet that would automatically produce the outfit just right for any place I want to go to. The mall? It'll give me a capri, and a nice blouse. The beach? A cool cover up and a sexy bikini. A party? The most flattering cocktail dress. Plus of couse kick-ass shoes.

3. Somebody to fix up my hair every day. Blow dry, curl, gather in a bun. Whatever suits my mood for the day. No more bad hair days.

4. The perfect glowing skin that requires no foundation. Plus only if I want, a make up trunk full of designer make up. I personally don't put on much on my face but I love the great packaging. If I may share another secret, one of my secret ambition is to be in-charge of giving names to lipstick, blush on and eye color(if there is such a position). Names like Sunset Blush, Apricot Blossom, Sexy pout.

5. And finally, I want a massage at the end of each day.

I can dream on and on....

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