Mommy Moments: First Steps

Today's Mommy Moments is First Steps.

Jared took his first tentative step here in this crib when he was 10 months old. He did not cruise--try to walk holding on the furniture. He stood up, let go of the side of the crib and tried to cross to the other side.

We thought he was going to walk early. He was almost walking by himself at 11 months when he was hospitalized for a week before his first birthday. That sort of put his eagerness to walk on hold.

He was able to take a few steps when he was 1 year and a month old.

Now at almost 16 months, there is no holding our little boy back.

Would you like to join us at Mommy Moments? Check out the first steps of the other cute babies here.


Chris said...

its always fun to reminisce, isnt it? :D

thanks for joining! :D

nel's bebi said...

hi mommy leslie! thanks for dropping by my blog! :)
naku nakikipaghabulan ka na pala with your little boy ha :)


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