I said....

When I was still pregnant and wondering what I'll be like as a mother, as a parent, I have a list of to do's, things I swore to myself I will follow. On the other hand, I also vowed not to do certain things.

I bought tons of clothes for baby, and received loads of stuff from family and friends. I said my baby will only wear the cutest of clothes, even just inside the house.

I said he will not be like some babies who looks like they haven't been given a bath. I said he will always look clean and smell good.

I said I will make sure he gets only the most nutritious food. I said I will not give him junk food.

I said I will not allow my baby to ride those animal crawlers at the malls because I thought they were dirty.

I said I will prioritize his comfort, first and foremost. I said I will not let him wear uncomfortable clothes.

Well,now I that I have been a parent for a little over a year already, I know I can't be all that I thought I would be.

In short, I can't be the perfect mommy.

I am trying though. I prepare his breakfast and it is usually oatmeal mixed with one of the following: wheatgerm, banana, avocado or raisins.

He eats squash, sayote, tofu, malunggay, ampalaya and a host of other veggies and fruits.

We do our best to make sure that what he puts inside his mouth is clean.

He gets to wear his cute clothes when we go out of the house.

And, I am still breastfeeding.

I haven't done everything that I have on that list, nor was I able to avoid not doing the things I vowed never to do. But I am trying my best. And that is what counts,I think.


Beth said...

you're still breastfeeding?! ang galing! ako kasi nastop agad after several months kasi no more milk :(

anyway, ganun talaga...dami nating promise na gagawin pero minsan di nagagawa kasi that's just how things are. at least you're trying your best to give Jared the best of everything! :)

Chris said...

you are the best mom for your little one! :D

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