Cheap Find

Bored at the thought of having lunch at the office pantry again, I asked high school friend Aileen, who happens to hold office at the same building, if we can have lunch at Robinson's. Good thing she is still free, so off we went for an hour of non-stop chat and culinary adventure (compared to pantry fare, the food delivered by manang, everthing else is a culinary delight to me).

Upon entering the mall, I saw a new kiosk selling slippers. What caught my attention is that they have a range of designs for babies. Above is part of the kinderzoo collection of Banana Peel.

Aside from this lion print, they have a turtle, giraffe, zebra and shark design. This retails for P170. Not bad at all.

Alas, when I went home, the size 4 doesn't fit my baby anymore.

I have to go exchange it to size 6 next week. Another reason to have lunch out again. Yey!

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Beth said...

oo nga, sometimes, you have to eat lunch outside the office to refresh you din naman. :) hahaha, i know the feeling Les! :)

bilis talga lumaki kids! kaya I always buy a size bigger pag namimili ako ng shoes!

Take care and happy Sunday!

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