Mommy Moments: Playing Time

At 15 months, my son has accummulated more than enough toys for someone so young. They were mostly given as gifts. Me, I can only remember buying him... hmmm, what toy did I buy for him again? Couldn't exactly remember but it wouldn't have been more than 5.

At this age he loves, aside from his teddy, balls of all kinds. He has 2 basketballs, complete with board, a mini golf set and a mini soccer ball. Ke kicks, throws and bangs them against each other everyday.

My favorite photos of him playing though are those with mommy. I know soon, he will prefer playing with other kids than me, so I am savoring every second of our play time.

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Chris said...

me too.. i am savoring every moment that he wants to play with me... kaya whenever he is calling me, i try my best to play with him!

Rache said...

babies are really precious, especially first, 'cuz they always receive gifts of toys and other things. i experience that with my mom who seems to be spoiling my little girl. only 4 of my baby's toys are from me.
kids really loves playing...

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