Ube balls of my childhood

This is quite a sentimental post and it's about.... candy!

I still remember the treats I used to enjoy as a child from the neighborhood sari-sari store. There's cherry ball, that super red coated sweet candy that I used to tint my lips with: instant lipstick. There's tira-tira, the hard candy you can gnaw for hours without ever making a dent on it. And then we come to what this post is about. My favorite, the ube balls.

Rich and creamy, the small violoet balls are coated with a sprinkling of sugar. I must have bought hundreds of these little treasures and I try to make each ube ball last by rolling it in my mouth, taking little bites before swallowing the entire goodness.

They cost me ten cents per piece back then. Now, 26 years later at P1/pc, they are still what I remember them to be, maybe a little smaller, or maybe was mouth is just bigger now. And the makers thought they'd probably innovate a little by putting in toothpicks.

Ube balls, you've transported me back to my carefree childhood. Thank you.


*mae* said...

Meron pa din nito? Saan?!! Tagal kong naghahanap wala akong makita. =)

Hazel said...

tira-tira was my favorite :-) it's great you posted the pinoy sweets of childhood. happy sunday.

Reese said...

Mahal naman para sa piso, marami nyan sa Calamba, Laguna

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