Weekend at Tagaytay

We were blessed with bright rays of sunshine late last week and so we thought, if the good weather continues, to spend Saturday at Tagaytay.

It's gonna be the first time Jared will visit the place and I'm so excited for this family getaway. It's just like during grade school, when I couldn't sleep the day before the field trip.

No sun greeted us when we woke up yesterday. There were clouds, but at least they didn't look dark and there was no threat of immediate rain. So our little family of three took off.

A little after an hour of driving, we reached Tagaytay at 8.20 am.

First stop was Picnic Grove. We took the 500meter eco trail. The reason why my legs are still sore. The walking part was easy but climbing those steps was a pain.

Entrance fee was P50/head.
Jared was still free of charge.

Was it worth it? Yes for the family experience, though we were there just for 30 minutes. I couldn't stand staying longer as the place was unkept. There was garbage everywhere. The management could add some trash bins along the trail so people will not have to throw their snack wrappers anywhere they fancy. They could also clean up the picnic huts. The bins there were still full of trash from the day before, and the tables and benches were dirty. The zip line thing looks promising but we could not try it because we have the little boy with us. I didn't want to try the cable car as it didn't look safe to me.

Next stop was Bag of Beans. From Picnic Grove, we drove the other way, passing other Tagaytay landmarks such as Taal Vista Hotel, Josephine's and a slew of other newer establishments.

We were there early enough to secure a parking slot near the entrance. The place looked better than I remember. There were several dining areas you can choose from. I had the foresight to apply bug spray on Jared so I did not worry about possible mosquito bites even if there was a lot of plants and if most of the dining areas were not screened.

Breakfast: tapsilog for daddy @ P180; Bacon and eggs for mom and Jared @ P250.

We loved the place. It's charming and we liked the food. We had a leasurely breakfast, already a treat in itself these days. Jared loved their freshly-baked pandesal and devoured the 2 egg yolks that came with my order. I just wished coffee is included in their breakfast sets. We had to pay an extra P95 for 1 mug of coffee.
Service could be improved also. The waiter who took and served our order, and the one I asked to take a picture of us, did not look too happy which is such a downer on such a bright day. The ladies manning their bakery were a lot more cheerful though.

Last stop was the Pink Sisters convent. We wanted to say a prayer not only for giving us good weather that day but for the gift of our baby. The last time we were there was Holy Week of 2007 when we prayed for a baby. Now, the baby that we prayed for is already here with us.

We were back in Manila by lunchtime. It was a great way to spend a weekend and our
8th year of being together.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Hi les,
for sure na-enjoy ni Jared ung weekend getaway nyo!

at threesome lang talga ha? bonding moments talaga!

thanks for the info about Tagaytay, tagal ko ng di nakakapunta diyan. at least i know na kung saan okay, just in case mdalaw kmi dun. thanks!

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