What your mother does for a living

Dear Jared,

Mom writes this today, Labor Day. Mommy as usual wanted to post something unique, and in a light bulb moment, I thought of going in the gory details of how you were brought out in this world. But, that maybe too gory for public consumption. I will tell you that story when you turn 10 or 11, when i feel the love for things gory grow on little boys.

For now, I should probably tell you about what mommy does at the office.

Hmm, how do I even begin?

You always say mom is so old already, right? Well, once upon a time baby, your mom was quite young and impulsive. I was then working at a hotel in Makati, feeling oh so glamorous, when I got a call to ask if I was interested to apply at this company. That came at a perfect time because our boss was asking for volunteers. Volunteers who will take on the shift during New Year's Day. The heck (excuse the word) that I will miss one family reunion. That prompted me to go to an unfamiliar place in Manila where trailer trucks pass in great numbers every single day. I didn't know yet that the place gets flooded ( and I have my share of stories of wading in waist deep waters!). So in short, I accepted the job. That was in July 1999.

At that young age, I imagined I will go places. Because son, mummy's previous employers slash companies mommy worked for has the word "world" in it. I studied tourism in a University so big we had to ride jeepneys to go to our classes. But this job is in marketing. In a forwarding company. Before that call to come in for an interview, I didn't even know what forwarding means!

And so I started. Don't get too bored yet, okay? Mom's work gets interesting from here. My boss and I were part of a newly-formed group of the company: it's called Corporate Planning and Development. Our group started small, I think about 12 members and I was the youngest that time.

I loved my job and I truly love the people I work with. During that first year or two at work, I got to go to Hong Kong, then celebrate the success of our event there in Boracay! I made friends for life. That maybe the reason why I'm still here with the company 14 yeas after.

But one by one, my contemporaries left.

But you see, baby, I grew with my job. Or maybe, my job grew with me. It probably is a mixture of both. Four years after I was hired, I was getting bored and restless. Then, our group got involved with affiliates in the Western Pacific. These is a small group of islands where the sun shines brighter than here in our wonderful archipelago.

I can safely say, and its not a cliche, that everyday is a learning experience for me. I get to work with people from 3 time zones. I somehow get stumped trying to answer questions on what I do that I keep on revising my résumé, and why I had to send mama (your grandma) a copy of my job description so she can in turn answer her friends' questions on what I do for a living.

My job can be dirty to glam. I've climbed pallets and boxes inside a container, cut cardboard until my fingers hurt, stacked 3 chairs atop each other trying to hang ceiling decors. I go to the mother of flea markets to source various stuff. Then again, it also finds me discussing color palette and brand book guidelines and dressing up to attend corporate events. I get to see that the world is a big, big place. For one not so musically-inclined, I also once sat as a pseudo judge for auditioning bands who will play at our company hotels.

So, why do you ask am I writing about this stuff? I want to document this so when I'm old and forgetful, you can read about how interesting mom's job is. And that you should love and grow with your job...no matter what that is ( and hopefully it's legal and pays you enough for the effort you put in). That there is no short cut to reaching the top but hard work and dedication and malasakit. That sure, there are a lot of employees, but be one that people will love to work with. Be one that will earn the respect of others.

With that, 16 years from now as you look for your first job, I wish you well, baby. Go out there and prove your worth.

With love,

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Rochelle Leonor said...

Les, I love this post! Kids kasi can't imagine that their parents were young once, di ba? This is a nice post to remind them na at some point, parents did things that they didn't know or realize.

Dapat pakita mo din one day yung boudoir pics. Hahaha!

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