Boracay: Flying for the First Time

This was a trip planned very carefully. The travel dates were sandwiched between our birthdays so it was, in effect a double celebration. I wanted this one to be special since this is our birthday treat for him as he turns 3. But the ‘new’ me didn’t want to spend too much as we still have home improvements to do. Booking two months in advance was a blessing because I was able to take advantage of the numerous promo fares (Cebu Pacific MNL-KLO and Zest Air KLO-MNL).

Our travel dates: March 30 to April 2
Travelling Buddies: daddy, mommy, Jared, lola and tati

I didn’t really have high expectations of this trip. This being Jared’s first and all and from our experience when we took him to Philippine Aerospace Museum last year. I was just praying for good weather and a safe flight. My rule to all of us is simple: do not compute and do not get sick. =)

Days before the trip, we were prepping him for the beach already. On the day of the flight, he woke up early, excitedly as if knowing what is ahead of him. Got to the airport at 8.30 am for our 11.30 am flight. Checked in without hassle and had our
2nd breakfast for that day.sitting comfortably on the luggage cart as we enter the airport

helping mommy check the group in

The boarding time was late by almost 30 minutes but he didn't mind at all. He was all over the place! He also amused himself by watching the planes come and go, eating, playing with his train and running back and forth.ala amazing race

at home at the airport

Come boarding time, he was beside himself with excitement. He put up a brave face even if I knew he was a bit scared because of the engine sound. He dutifully put on his seat belt (but keeping it on was an issue), took his seat by the window and waited patiently.

He might be too young to remember his first ride but by writing it here, I hope it'll bring him back to the day he first flew. The first plane ride was uneventful, which, coming from a parent with a three year old, is just plain great!

to be continued

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