Going Home

This is the longest trip I've taken after I got married. I thought 14 days will be long enough to have a slower pace at work, time in between meetings, and have time and energy left to try getting my feet wet here, literally. Because it definitely was a loooooonnnggg time away from my son.

Did manage to get my feet wet, but it was still for work and not leisure. But been doing this for the last 8 or so years and I've learned to just count my blessings.

Like on this trip, we were fortunate enough to see playful dolphins who surprised us with their appearance along side our speed boat. They are not known to be so plentiful in this particular bay. Or the very good salad with scallops and prawn tails we had one evening. Or going on the sunset cruise, a fitting cap to the flurry of activities the last 2 weeks. Or meeting my island-based friends for dinner one day. Or the tuyo, sardines, salted egg feast they prepared for our despedida.

The sweetest thing about going on trips, if ever there is one, is the look on my little one's face when he sees me later.

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