Upcycle your Boxes and Create toys

Tech toys are restricted at our house in general.

Last year, the boy discovered the joys of playing games on the Ipad and cellphone and while our educational games outnumber the likes of Angry Birds by about 3:1, I have this fear he’ll grow up not knowing there are other ways to play. Specifically, other more enjoyable ways to play. So we've restricted the use of this tech toy. He does get a little play time on Saturdays.

I usually get a  "please , mommy just for 5 minutes" plea every now and then, but he usually follows. One time his dad have him a cellphone to play with on a Tuesday, he said "no dad, it's not a Saturday", and gave back the little toy to a flustered daddy.

 Probably because I have hand-eye coordination problems, or was just too impatient, I never really liked the family computer or the game and watch. It’s easy for me to say to Jared to follow mom because I can lead by example (ehem, ehem daddy it’s not you I was pertaining to).

So, what do we do and how do we keep this boy happy and occupied? We use of our hands and create. I've been trying to document the activities we usually do every weekend in the hopes I can refer to this when we have another child, and to show Jared he had a fun childhood =)

So, here's our exciting ways to upcycle a box.

Turn it to an airplane

Or, have tennis balls or a marble race with this -- I don't know how to call this

The above toys gave him hours of pure joy!

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