From my 4 year old

Jared: Mom, may I watch TV?
Mom: We'll study after dinner.
Jared: what about study and watch TV ( he means at the same time)
Mom: No. You know Jared when you always watch TV you will be bobo?
Jared: Is daddy boboy [Bobo) mom?
* * *
Mommy takes a snapshot of the boy who is lounging, singing, at the back of the car
Jared: What is that for, mom?
Mom: for instagram
Jared: Sige ka, I will destroy instagram
* * *
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* * *
Jared while watching a Chinese New Year special feature
Jared: Mom, I like that ( tikoy, dragon dance on TV). Why do they do that?
Mom: Because its Chinese New Year
Jared: where do they live?
Mom: ahhhh, in Chinatown
Jared thinks, doesn't answer for a few seconds
Jared: Chinatown.... But what planet mom?


I'm asking Jared's teacher on what date can we celebrate his birthday in school.
His birthday is April but he has been telling us he'll have his Angry Bird themed birthday in school since September last year. So, an ANGRY BIRD party it will be.
Mom: Teacher we want to give Jared a party in school. just let me know when since March will be bus with exams and year end presentation practices. Btw, Jared took home an envelope from A school party last time. There's an envelope with a P100 inside.
Teacher: Yes Po, it came from the boy's parents.
So while I'm still puzzled, here goes Jared
Jared: Di ba mom, I gave you the P100 for your baon?

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