A Business Trip in Cambodia

It was for business, but since I haven't been there yet so I consider this my most exciting office trip in 2012.

The meetings were held at the Phnom Penh office and at the hotel conference room where we were also billeted. Here are pictures of the Cardamom Hotel. We got the rooms at only $40 per night I think. I got the big corner room, with a view of the street below. Then something went wrong with the aircon when I was about to sleep so I got upgraded to a bigger room on the top-most floor (they only have 8 floors)

These is the room before I transferred.

After 2 days of hectic meetings, we went to visit their National Museum and had to take in everything in there in under an hour.

Most of the artifacts weren't protected by glass, but sadly picture-taking isn't allowed.
There was a quadrangle bathed by soft sunshine in the middle of the buildings. It was a wonderful place to take photos!

This stands guard by the door.

I took several shots of the architecture.

The warm glow of the afternoon sun complemented by sunshiny outfit! I changed to more comfotable clothes right after the meeting.

There were monks resting.

This is the market closest to our hotel. I became too busy haggling and sorting through clothes to take photos but I was able to buy Zara, F21 and other branded clothes for unbelievably low prices. Too bad we only had an hour before we were to meet up again with the rest of the group. There were only 3 of us girls among the group so I'm guessing that the 1 hour shopping allowance was already way too much time for the guys.

My sandals matched the hotel tile! Orange is my happy color.

Me in a tuk-tuk. One night just as we were going back to the hotel riding one, hoodlums riding in tandem tried to snatch my bag. And my passport was inside! We all got a big scare. Thank heavens they did not pull hard, or maybe the weight of my bag surprised them? I lug along really heavy bags full of unnecessary stuff.

So that was Cambodia, and that was at least 3 months ago. =)

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