The Good, the Bad of Y2012

It seemed only fitting that before I begin hopefully documenting all of our life's most important events this 2013, I review how 2012 has been for us as a family. This year-end activity I do alone for now, but hopefully, Jared will be old enough this year to help me and encourage the dad to join in this wonderful recollection.

My, there were a lot of good stuff this year and my wish is I'll be able to remember them all here.

Celebrating Friendships

My good friend Marisse and her family is now Canada-based and everytime they go home, it's always a reason for mini reunions!

At 4, his wish is to have a pet: a dog, a cat (ewww!) or a bird. Sab, who stays at my in-laws, is the closest thing he has to a pet.

New Learnings

I learned how to sew!
Not the professional quality I dreamed of, but good enough to create two award winning costumes!
I learned that if I really put my mind in it, and move my butt and hands, I can actuallly make something nice enough =)

Swimming Lessons
He did not technically learn how to swim (yet), but at least he can dunk his head under the water now. Bath time is now more pleasant and less stressful and for that, I would have gladly paid double the swimming lesson fee. Haha.

Finally, finally! Make up lesson/session for me
And the good part is, since I learned, I have been applying make up everyday I go to work. Yey! 

New Experiences

Nursery Graduation
Awarded "Most Promising", pang Star Awards

Big School Ready
This was the day he took entrance exams for the big school-- I was so busy then this was probably one of the last testing days they offered. We can't think of the logistics side yet; how, who will bring and pick him up from school so in the end, we decided to let him finish Kinder at his  pre school and transfer him to the big school for 1st Grade. He aced this exam! Perfect scores.

Baking Experiments
We made cupcakes and cookies and gelatim but the most memorable is this rainbow cupcake. We'll do another one this January with brighter colors!

Rode the LRT again


Made Yummy Pizza

Upcycled and Organized Stuff

 Touched a dolphin!

Trips, Trips, Trips!
Because I was away on business trips much more last year than in previous years, I wanted to also get away from it all sometimes and create wonderful memories with family in new places.

Hong Kong for Jared's 4th birthday, April

Canyon Cove for the dad's birthday, November

Cambodia for me for a business trip, September (or was this October)
Will blog about this soon

Guam and Saipan with dear friends
These are really business trips, but it helps when you have friends to keep you company at night.

Work wise,
2012 has been the most professionally fulfilling year for me. It wasn't without its own challenges. I cried buckets and probably aged 10 years in a year alone, if that is even possible. Something did not take off, and it took my spirits with it for a few weeks.

The dad was also given a wonderful opportunity at work--something we pray will be made permanent soon.

While mostly, what we earned is not in our hands, we do hope what we're doing now will prepare us enough for the future. We're halfway done paying for most of our insurances. I started paying for a new insurance policy (dreaded disease), got ourselves a space at the columbarium (I like to be prepared that way), and is preparing to take the plunge with MFs.

I come from a really big family, and it surprised and scared us when a Tito (uncle) got sick last, last year. While we are waiting for his full recovery, our tita, the most jolly one, got sick as well. It was a sad and anxious time for the family.

Then, amidst the preps for the holidays and work, I found out I was pregnant last November 26.  Those 2 lines made us jump for joy as we felt we were ready to be parents again--most of all--it made my heart full to see our boy excited by a forthcoming addition to the family.

But maybe, it's not the time yet. On December 2, I started spotting and and on December 11 was taken to the ER. We lost the baby that day.

It made us sad, but the Christmas spirit and our son helped us move on. We are willing to try again this year, and I am claiming that this is the year we finally bring another  healthy baby in this world.

Summing it up:
The good far outweighs the bad, and even I can see some good in the bad. The recent illness of our loved ones made me look close and hard at our lifestyle and made me stronger in our resolve to be healthier.

The miscarriage showed us we need not worry about the thing I read and worried about: secondary infertility. Now, we should start to look into what is causing the miscarriage, so tests will be underway.

This serves as my exercise for humility, for self awareness and for gratitude because there is no better way to start the new year than with a grateful, happy and content heart.

Happy New Year to all!

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