TagayTay-Canyon Cove-Nuvali Birthday Celebration: Tagaytay Leg

We planned it to be a road trip with designated stops. In celebration of the husband's nth birthday, we are going on this Tagaytay-Canyon Cove-Nuvali outing.

We left our place early, picked up his lolo and lola and went straight to Nuvali.

The backseat passengers.

Arriving at the destination, we went straight to the main attraction: fish feeding.

It was a bright and sunny day, perfect for this little family's outing.

Among the many meals we were to share on this adventure, the first was his all time favorite.

After finishing off that ice cream (which was a breeze), we were off to Tagaytay where we planned on having breakfast at Mile High Diner.

 This little boy enjoyed the entire trip the most.

The Diner.

We filled our tummies with Filipino and Continental breakfast fare. We have an hour more to go  before we reach our final destination that morning.

It's easy to please a man, or a boy for that matter, Give them food and look at their smiles after.

Of source we will not leave Tagaytay without this pic by the ridge.

Next stop: Canyon Cove


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