Our Portable Washing Machine

Household chores take up so much of our precious time on weekends that we decided to simplify our life and just send our clothes to the laundry. This means our work and house clothes, Jared's clothes, curtains, towels and linen. If only it's not gross and improper, I would have sent our underwear, too!!!!

It was working for us until I can't find some of Jared's clothes anywhere in the house. Clothes were missing and clothes for kids don't come cheap. I was obsessing over counting the clothes, checking and double checking them to make sure we receive the same number of clothes we send.

One day at the mall, we found this tiny washing machine that would be perfect for the only spot we can think of in the house where the machine can stay. It was a decision I've never regretted. While we do need to allot time to do several loads on Saturdays, at least it's less headache for us in dealing with lost clothes at the laundromat.

These are pictures of the first time we tried the machine: little boy thought we bought the greatest invention ever. Our machine is so light I can carry this out myself when its Wash Day Saturday.

We still send most of our clothes to the laundry shop but the help this little and inexpensive machine brought us is money very well spent. I won't even think of buying anything bigger or more expensive for the meantime since this suits us very well now.

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