Whatta Year 2012 Has Been

Still not over the resolutions and the year in review posts on most of the blogs I visit, and just after posting my previous entry (a long one at that), here's to keeping with the tradition I started last year, an  entry on goals and the highlights of the past year

I don't have Photoshop here on my laptop so instead of placing my answers on the artwork, it's in plain word instead.

Here goes:

Greatest Lesson Learned: Gifts and blessings come when you least expect them

Hardest Part of the Year: 2 major projects during the 1st half of the year

Favorite memory: Jared"talking" to the baby in my tummy and my sister walking down the aisle

What I loved Most about 2012: How things just fell in its proper places

* * *

Want to Learn: a repeat from 2012, to take things slow. I do things fast: I talk fast, walk fast, I even run inside the office. I have to stop and smell the roses.

Want to get better at: Sewing! I hope to buy my sewing machine soon and make my own curtains and pillow covers.

Biggest Goal: Last year, I wanted to have a dragon baby. But 2013 is my year, I am a snake and maybe I'll get my little snake this year?

Happy New Year!!!

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