Top 10 Things I Wished I’d Done When I Was Still Breastfeeding

I was supposed to join the Milk Mama blog carnival, but other activities and things got in the way so I didn't make it to the deadline. But I'm posting my Top 10 here just the same._______________________________

Breastfeeding was a wonderful experience for me and I’m pretty sure for my son, too. I breastfed him for 2 years and 8 months until he weaned at will. Up to now, I still miss that special bond, the look a baby gives his mommy, during feeding time.

If only I could turn back time, I will…

1. Jot down my breastfeeding experience in a journal or blog from the very first day. I was apprehensive on starting a blog and letting everyone in on our lives. I started actively writing in the blog when my son was already 8 months old. The result: a lot of backtracking and in the process, forgeting the minute details that will forever be unexpressed in words. Write down your breastfeeding experience and and let other moms learn from your experience.

2. Sit down for a nice photograph. Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful moments experienced by mother and child and it is but apt that you immortalize that moment in a nice photo. If I have one, I’d gladly display that in a prime spot in the house. Sadly, I only have photos of me breastfeeding in ratty clothes. Tsk, tsk.

3. Raise the awareness on breastfeeding more actively. We still lack breastfeeding facilities in the Philippines. I was lucky I got pregnant and gave birth at a time when information and the importance of breastfeeding is being resurrected. And we are starting to have breastfeeding stations in malls. I know breastfeeding in public ( in plain view) still makes people cringe—not the mommy but more of those around her. I regret not writing to malls who still doesn’t provide breastfeeding stations, and then not writing to let them know my appreciation as a user of the breastfeeding stations available. I can go on and on here.

4. Wait until I meet my son before buying baby stuff, breastfeeding stuff included. I bought a lot of breastfeeding covers before I even met my son. I didn’t know yet he will sweat and feel utterly uncomfortable under one and rendered my purchases unfit.

5. Not dilly dally in my decision to shell out money for an electric pump. I’m a working mom and I’m not yet in a position to give up work to be with my son 24/7. So like most CS moms, I went back to join the workforce after 78 days. And with only a manual pump to build up my stash of breastmilk and to use as pump at the office for a month or so, I got sore fingers and almost, almost gave up on breastfeeding. The P16,000 I spent on an electric pump was one of the wisest decision and well-spent investment I’ve ever made.

6. Chillax. As a first time mom, I wanted to be the best, to do everything for my baby, to be supermom. I didn’t want anybody to hold him. In the process, I was putting added pressure on my already sleep-deprived and harrased self.

7. Buy a fridge to go. I lugged around my breastfeeding paraphernalia in one eskimo cooler. Not cool. It always looked as if I’m carrying an organ for a transplant. Hahaha.

8. Bring my baby to out of town trips. The most stressful moments I had related to breastfeeding were during trips when he wasn’t with me. The first time was when he was a mere four months. I was pumping and stressing over my milk half of the time. I pumped on the plane ride beside a male colleague who had no idea what the movement was behind that breastfeeding cover I had on and I experienced expressing milk by hand on a bus (my manual pump broke at the most unfortunate time). It would have made life easier for me. Now if only I can do that for business trips.

9. Eat tons of malunggay! Not only does it increase milk supply, but it’s also really nutritious. I ate lots but if I can do it again, I’d put malunngay in everything I ate. I discovered the wonder of malunggay powder late.

10. Maintain the weight I had when I was breastfeeding. I was 120 lbs when I got pregnant and ended up 40 lbs heavier when I was due. Three months later, I was able to fit back into my old clothes. Then, a year after I was down to 116 lbs! Thinner than when I first got pregnant. Breastfeeding burns calories. I was constantly hungry and eating but didn’t put on a pound. It’s just sad I kept the appetite even after we stopped breastfeeding. Don’t ask me how much I weigh now.

The good news is, I still have the chance to correct these mistakes once we’re ready for baby #2!

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Mec said...

haha Leslie... I also don't have a professionally done breastfeeding portrait. Now, my son is six months and constantly wriggling na... and I have lost my pregnancy glow na so am not in the mood anymore :D

anyway, will include your link pa din in my post :)

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