How Tall Will I be? Check this Height Predictor!

pardon this photo again. this is also a teaser to the upcoming blog post: Jared Goes to School

I’m just 5’ 2” but I look taller than my actual height. I’m actually a picture of the average Pinay. Medium built, sample size clothes and sample size shoes. I need not ask for my size when trying to fit shoes because those on the racks fit me to a T.

Now, Jared was born small and so very fragile. It was only when he turned 1 that he started gaining weight. At two and a half, he was hefty and carrying him the times he’d demand to be “like a baby” would mean back and arm ache that would last a day or two.

So we stopped buying him the probiotic drinks and the sweet treats he loves so much as what his pediatrician suggested. The doctor said he was at the 95% percentile with his weight, while his height was at 50%th percentile only, making him a bit overweight.

Looking at him last night, I became worried he looked kind of lean—too lean for me. His daddy suggested check his height.

It came as a surprise that be shoot up at least 2 inches from two to three months ago. We were kind of worried he was stuck at 4 ft, so we skipped checking his height every month and just let him be.

Here's the link to the height predictor. According to this, Jared will be approx 5 ft 11 inches.

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