10th Anniversary

My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary as a couple this year. We met in graduate school, I was nursing a broken heart and he had nothing better to do.

There is always a debate on who ‘made the first move’. I talked to him first, yes but only to ask him to move his newspapers so I can sit down on the bench he as hogging all to himself when the other applicants had nowhere to seat.

Our anniversary will deserve another post but let me go before that and highlight another important thing that came out of spending time taking post graduate studies: we found a group of friends that I’m pretty sure we’ll be with until we grow old.

Not all of us graduated with that degree, not all who graduated did at the same time, but 10 years after that first day in Management 101, we’re still here, still friends.

Happy 10th anniversary, GroUPm8s!

Here’s to many, many more kids, more adventures and more years of beautiful friendship.

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