I Feel so Adult, So Responsible

At 34, I sometimes see me as my 25 year old self. I do have lines now on my face, and a husband and kid to boot, but there are days I still think and feel like a 25 year old.

But not yesterday.

It was a landmark day. I signed up for an insurance with VUL from my friend who is a Sunlife agent.

We used to discuss our ‘song of the day’, night outs and outings. Now, we are talking about investments, critical illness riders on insurance, and emergency funds.
My, my, we are getting older.

But I am happy.

And I feel like the title says, so adult and responsible.

I finally took that baby step to start our retirement funds. In 5 and 10 years, the two will be fully paid. Just in time to get the most out of the most productive years of my working life.

After this initial step, I am raring to go and save, save, save! Maybe a budget planner will be of help, no?

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