SM Supercenter Las Pinas Breastfeeding Room

Having another mall in an already congested and perpetually traffic city is a bane to many, but if there is one good thing about the new SM Supercenter along Alabang-Zapote Road,it's their nice breastfeeding room.

Breastfeeding moms today have an easier time as breastfeeding is slowly getting the attention it so deserves and malls are providing at least one room where moms like me can feed their hungry kids in comfort (not luxurious by any means, but give me a couch where I can sit and I call that in comfort already).

The breastfeeding room is located at the upper ground level, near the entrance to the supermarket.As with most SM malls, you enter the room that doubles as a clinic, too. Then, another door opens to the actual breastfeeding room.

There are two one seater upholstered seats. Harder than most couches but very clean and nice looking.

While you are seated, the area on the left is a sort of changing table for babies. We'll just a flat surface. A sink would be very much appreciated here (better with soap, alcohol and tissue or wipes), very useful during nappy times.

It's a small space. Smaller than the breastfeeding room at Megamall and Southmall but a bit bigger than the one in MOA but it's spotless, the way rooms of this kind should be.

I wish more moms would actually use the rooms so SM will think of improving it some more.

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