Mother's Day post: I am Turning Into My Mother

I am turning into my mother. And I say that in a nicest way.

You see, my mama is the most simple mother. Growing up, there were times when I'd wish she’d dress more fashionably, put on make up, or be glamorous, like those moms I see on magazines and TV. I sometimes wonder how me and my sister turned up like this (maarte).

It was only when I was in college and papa passed away already when I finally understood and appreciated the simple-ness of mama. She was simple so we can be dressed up in the best brands (Patrick dresses, anyone) our money can afford, sent to private schools, taken to SM Makati on weekends for malling and eating out and never wanted for anything that we needed.

Growing up, we never went out of the house looking like slobs. And I would see kids looking unkept when their mothers looked immaculate. To this day, this is one thing I swore I'll never do.

And true to this entry’s title, indeed I am… turning into my mother that is. I may not be as simple, but I always put my son's needs before mine.

It also used to bother me that my mama would write in my diary more often than my classmates’ moms do. I mean she would write to ask questions and she has plenty. I used to be so embarrassed to show teacher. Now my son is going to summer play school and when asked one day on what happened in class earlier, he replied “Midel (for Miguel, his classmate) push Jared. My, I wanted to wage war against a three year old that day.

Like my mama, I work fast and I absolutely hate people so are slow, in all ways. It makes me think they are lacking in energy or food or sleep, whichever is not so good an excuse to be sloppy. I also walk fast and I talk even faster.

On some weekends when I was small, she'd bake her infamous coffee cake for papa or my favorite custard cake and all kids in the neighborhood would be waiting for the left over icing in the mixing bowl I'd share with them. Now my son is growing up, I'd want him to have a nice memory of his mommy in the kitchen, concocting all sorts of wonderful and tasty goodies for him and yes, even his friends.

There are a lot more things I'd want to follow, especially on how she raised me and my sister. We turned out to be wonderful daughters so I'm praying that my husband and I can raise a son well and prepare him for when he's ready to test his wings out in the world.

This post is dedicated to mama, my blog’s most avid follower and my son’s greatest fan. I could have added more stuff here but I'm saving the others for the following years. We have more Mother's Day to celebrate.


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