In Celebration of Breastfeeding Month

It's been 2 years and 3 months since I first nourished my son at my breast. He was given time to acquaint with mommy before being whisked away to be cleaned by the hospital staff.

It's been a personal choice. Even before I gave birth, I swore to myself I will try my darnest to give my milk to my son. Even if they said it will not be easy, especially in the first few days.

Well, easy it wasn't! I cried out of pain at first, then out of frustration at how little I can pump, then out of sheer pressure to myself that I want to purely breastfeed him.

Looking back, I know I couldn't have survived the early days without the support of family. I mean, I just have to feed my son,nothing else.

This year, it seems my son is not about to give up feeding from me totally. But it's alright. We will wean when he's ready.

Here, I just want to share a picture of my son thoroughly enjoying his meal. It helps to see how far we've gone in this wonderful, healthy journey.

*August is Breastfeeding Month*

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