Building Friendships

I just read at Babycenter over the weekend that kids Jared's age are just beginning to understand the concept of friendship.

I agree with this. A few months ago when he was just two, even if there are other kids around, he would just look at them and will proceed with his own play. They have a term for this at babycenter and that is parallel play. It means playing side by side with another child but not really playing with each other.

When he turned 3, I got so excited to see him interact with other kids and this summer at play school, I believe Jared made his first ever friend.

The boy's name is Miguel. He is a few months older than Jared and although Jared always says "Midel (for Miguel) pushed Jared", I've seen how fond he is of his playmate. He shares his toys with him, calls his name when Miguel wanders around in class, and during their culminating activity, he actually saved a seat for his friend.

Ay anak, I hope you'll cultivate beautiful and lasting friendships as you grow older.
Miguel and Jared with Teacher Kate

Jared (in orange) probably asking how Miguel is

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