My Birthday Post

Tomorrow is my birthday. This year, I am gifting myself with something very dear to my heart.
I did a re-design of this 4 year-old blog of mine. It grew and is still growing with me and my little family of three. Looking back at my posts, I am thankful that I made the decision to document  in this blog back in 2009.

The look I chose is simple, festive and celebratory. My sentiments as I approach the getting-older-and-definitely-better mid 30s, and the mindset I want to maintain as I read and reread my entries: that my life, despite the everyday challenges all of us have to face, is one well-blessed by the love of family and friends, one that is peppered with good memories, one that should be lived fully.

Cheers for this blog's new look, for my 36 years in this world, and for the many good things that is yet to come!


Anonymous said...

love the new look!
happy birthday, leslie!

Got to Believe said...

thanks, maqui!!!

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