My Trusty Travel Companions

When I was younger, I used to be all about form. As you grow older, I realized function is slowly taking over. I'd like to believe I  am now wiser when I purchase things and it makes my heart doubly happy when I see form and function together.

Like my trusty travel companions. I found this Samsonite vogan bag, being lightweight and made of sturdy nylon, a good alternative to the Long champ bag. It is priced  cheaper than  an LC, too.I was tempted to get this in red but figured black  will be more versatile.

The other is a red, small trolley that I use to lug around my laptop in. The brand is Skytravel which I bought at an outlet shop in Divi at only P1,300. This saves my back and shoulders from the everyday task of carrying my laptop bag.

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