Express Shopping

Last Friday, I went out during the lunch break with a solid mission: to replace the ill fitting jeans I was wearing that day. It dawned on me that I don't have jeans I can pull out of my closet that will be both comfortable and great looking. I have some that look great but can hardly breathe in, while the comfortable ones make me look I was 10 more pounds heavier than I already was.

So, since I vowed to age gracefully, and my birthday is a only a few days away, this shopping trip is a fulfillment of that promise to myself and an early birthday gift as well.

My shopping was done in 20 minutes where I got 2 really reasonably-priced, very comfortable and great fitting jeans (plus a top) in one store. Kashieca was one store I have not visited in a long time so I was surprised they have jeans that hug and hide my assets and flaws perfectly. If you have a pear- shaped body like mine, they might be worth a visit.

Anyway, here's my loot. Happy, happy birthday to me.

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