Why Blog Now?

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to blogging. I did blog about some wedding preps stuff way back in 2006, but completely forgot that I did have one after adjusting to being a wife, then a mom.

I had my reservations. What about privacy issues? If he gets older, what if my son would hate the idea that his every move, his every picture is posted on the web, where everyone can see and read about him?

After weighing the consequences for some time, I started blogging again in May of this year and have since posted a lot of entries, 90% of which are about Jared.

I do hope he will get to appreciate that mommy took time to document his milestones and his mommy is mighty proud of his every accomplishment. On a sadder and more morbid tone, if I leave the world, at least I have left memoirs of our life for my son to read and go back to in case he misses his mommy.

That being said, I rest my case. Now back to blogging.

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