Summer Plans

Ahh, summer is here and I am not ready yet!

Well, I don't think my body will be ever ready to tackle summer fashion but I can be ready with activities for my 4, almost 5-year old.

Here's my partial list on how to make this summer memorable for my boy.

1. Fly a kite
2. Go barefoot
3. Hike up a hill- check
4. Run with pet in the park- check
5. Sport the semi kalbo look
6. Bake, bake, bake
7. Bike at the park
8. Go fishing
9. Visit a river or spring
10. Go on a picnic
11. Take swimming lessons again
12. Be a kiddie crew at his fave fast food- will happen soon!
13. Tell him stories of how we spent our summer vacation as kids
14. Pick a fruit or vegetable from the tree or plant
15. Wash the car at home using the good old fashioned sponge and a pail of sudsy water

Quite a list for 2 months, right? I'm excited how many we can check off our list by June 1st.

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