On God
Jared calls me at the office
J: Mom, Tati and I are talking
M: About what?
J: About God and phlegm (ahhh, this got me confused!)

On his mom being vain
M: Jared,  do you think mom is pretty?
J: (without missing a beat) You are pretty-ful mom!

Holy Week
At church on Palm Sunday
J: Look Grandma, God is there (pointing to the door at the altar)
J: (whispering, as if talking to himself) Why are there many gods ba? (referring to the priests and altar boy positioned near that door)

His nightime prayer
J: Jesus, please protect our house and keep it healthy. Please send the SOCO and the barangay to watch our house.
On ambition
At the hospital
Nurse: Do you want to be a doctor, baby?
J: Ummm, I want to be an ambulance (driver)

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