Boracay: The Boat Ride

To reach Boracay, we took 4 modes of transportation. I know our little boy enjoyed the adventure.

This is the boat ride. His very first.

There was no need to reach for that bottle of Benadryl that I was thinking of initially. Benadryl=drowsiness. And good thing too since he clapped his hands at the sight of the banca, bravely crossed the wooden plank from dock to port only holding the hand of the boat man (while mommy quivers after him), enjoyed the 10 minute booat ride to the island and made his first step on the island-- with all his energy intact.

We took the tricycle too after this but we had too much stuff with us for me to take pictures of that so I'll probably skip that mode of transpo and proceed to recounting what made our days busy during that vacation.

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