A No Cake 3rd Birthday

We arrived back in Manila on April 2, a day before the little boy's birthday, happy but tired.

The next day, we drove to far-off SM City to attend the first birthday celebration of Cyrus, my cousin's son.

Due to the flurry of activities before and on the day of his birthday, I did not even remember to buy him a simple cake with a candle to blow. Forgot to get him a new birthday shirt even.

Now, days after, I feel the guilt. I know for a fact he extremely enjoyed that birthday party we attended, and had a blast in Boracay. But for his album (which I am yet to finish-- I am getting there though), will I be content that the page dedicated to his 3rd birthday cake-blowing will be empty?

Hmmm, no. So tomorrow, while we have our annual Tan family swimming get-together, he'll have his cake-- and ice cream to boot! Yey!

Will post photos of his actual and belated birthday on Easter.

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