Summer School and the Absent Mommy

By this writing, my son has attended summer school for 4 days. I'm a bad mommy--I've never been with him at school yet, or even just dropped him off. Even the camera isn't cooperating. I asked his lola to bring it to school the first day and got a total of 1 shot. Forgot to delete the other photos. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

But his daddy is leaving for a training soon ans we needed to fix a few things before he leaves. My license for one and the MMDA ticket I got in 2009 ( I promise to write about this soon), the car transfer and registration and buying and packing stuff.

They'll be on a break starting Monday, which is the day I planned to bring him to school. Talk about timing.

Hope I can sit in and observe him in class before this month long class comes to a close.

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