Belated Post: My Birthday Celebration

My birthday celebrations are most of the time low key. If it's a workday, I always try to take a leave so I'll get to spend it with family. This year, it was a Sunday but since we were going on a vacation in a few days, I decided to spend it somewhere close by. Lunch was courtesy of my sister.

Kids get to eat free! My son enjoyed his buffet of bread and biscuits and endless bowls of ice cream

In keeping up with my 2011 resolution, I applied make up that day. Hmm, now looking at my pics, I really should apply more

We got a table by the window and we were bathed with natural light. So, its a good time for some nice family pics--but the men with us, my husband and Tito Den (Tati's fiancee) were camera shy. =)

Lola and apo bonding moments

I thank the nice gentleman playing the piano who indulged my mama's request to play a birthday song for me.

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Dennis said...

Nice Blogs Ate Leslie.. Petiks mode ako ngayon sa office.

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