Keeping True to My New Year Resolution

Remember one of my new year resolutions?

This year, I promised to myself I will save, save, save! Not to the extent of starving myself, or totally depriving myself of the small things that make me happy (like shoes or a shirt--on sale). After all, these small things make me happy, and my happiness = a happy wife, mommy and a happy and peaceful household. =)

I have been putting this goal in my to-do list for the past few years but more important things get in the way, like giving birth, building a house etc etc. With a growing son (whose growth and development never ceases to amaze and entertain us), we seriously need to start exploring on how to better manage our finances and where to invest the little that we've saved.

I have already asked my good friend Claire on insurance with stock options.

I cannot really buy stocks at this point because I have practically zero knowledge on how it works. But it is something I will study. My end goal is to build enough for us in our retirement, a sum that would cover our health needs, something which can still allow us to enjoy trips as a couple or a family (our son would probably have his own planned trips by then ), a sum that would be there if we develop new passions or and have something to give to our son when he is already of age.

As parents, almost all of our actions are really for our kids, right?

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