Teaching Kids Compassion

I think the best way is still to lead by example.

We joined a friend in celebrating her birthday at Caritas Manila. It's not all for selfless reasons. I also want to spend time with friends. And at the same time, I figured it's a perfect opportunity to teach our son something.

Now, though at 2 years and 3 months old, might not be the best time yet, as Jared was mostly concerned with just eating the McDo fried chicken meal served for the kids instead of going around and playing with them. He also munched happily on the chocolate supposedly for the kids at the home.

He provided comic relief though by picking on the food while the prayer before meals is being said and keeps on saying “sayap”, yummy out loudly.

That time, he thinks the Caritas grounds is one big play area.

We might try again after a few years. I don't consider this a failure at teaching him compassion, at least, it was an introduction for him. The main feature would just have to wait.

For those who’d like to help, or for those who’d want to celebrate their birthday differently but meaningfully, please contact Ate Veron, the angel who looks after the kids.

They need medicines, diapers, clothes and food and a host of other supplies.

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