Our Philippine Aerospace Museum Visit

What better way to spend the National Heroes Day weekend and our son's love for airplanes than at the Philippine Aerospace Museum at Villamor Air Base.

But, being a holiday, the museum was closed. We did get to see the planes on display on the grounds.

Here's how we spent our Monday morning.

Small planes for your viewing pleasure. They look nice from afar.

We realized though that he's scared of the planes! He just likes them from afar.He's trying to "escape" from mommy here.

It took a lot of convincing before he even touched a plane's wing.

Stiff and still scared here.

He's scared. Really, look at his face.

So, he's glad to leave the place.

We took the little boy to McDo nearby for breakfast and of course, he ate with gusto.

Then, we're off to visit the nearby church to offer a little prayer.

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