Quaint Little Coffee Shop: Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee

I don't frequent coffee shops that much. Aside from the fact that I can't take cold coffee (gives me goosebumps--I order hot cafe latte 95% of the time ), I find it too crowded most of the time.

It was a pleasant surprise to see this quaint coffee shop. It's not too small but not too big, the vibe inside is good, cheerful yet homey, and the price is just right (case in point, a breakfast set of 2 poached eggs, toast and jam is just P65). I love the mango jam that came with my order and I tried to make them sell me a bottle. Alas, it wasn't for sale. I do hope they'll start selling it, though.

It's also way out of the usual areas we visit. The branch I visited is at Tomas Morato. I'd been aching to try their cakes as the display looked totally yummy.

I read they have a branch at the Sky Garden at SM City. Should plan a visit there very, very soon.

Enjoy the photos and happy weekend!

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