Project: Dream House

This will be quite a long post as we are passionate about this house-no matter how simple or small it may be. And besides, turning a house into a home is a never ending process. =)

We first set eyes on our home sweet home February of 2007, when I was heavily pregnant with Jared. It wasn't a home, sweet home yet. In fact, it looked like a dumpster! But it was in a good neighborhood and the property was offered to us at a price we could not resist.

Then I gave birth and it was only after (around May) that we started preparing the documents for the loan. That took a good 4 months, details of which I would gladly forget.

Then the renovations started. I have always dreamed of living in a two-storey house, living in a bungalow for most of my life. But sometimes, what we get is dictated by the money we have in our pockets. So for the meantime, bungalow it is. Having acquired this property at the early part of our marriage, we're hopeful we'll get a bigger and better house in the not-so-distant future.

Then, everything came to a halt.No paint yet, no kitchen nor cabinets. It was actually livable already but I could not imagine living in a house with no paint. =)

After more loans from kindred souls (say mama and sistah-pay when able!), we had the flooring installedthe kitchen started
and had the gate changed (the old gate was an eyesore).
Of course, we also had the house painted and what a change it was!

This house accommodated our clan of 72 members last Christmas. Because we had nothing inside yet, that's why.

This year, we concentrated on filling up the house with things that are important to us. We bought the dining table on sale at Home Depot (on hindsight, maybe we can get a better deal at Paco), then the sofa at Abea (love their price and the style--fit for a family just starting out), then the side tables, center table and arm chair with foot stool at Bangkal (yes, yes we scoured the shops).

Then, I bought things which I feel will make our house feel like a home. Non essential items for some, but they are important to me. Curtains at one of SM's sales, throw pillows, table napkins (they have Martha Stewart at SM-- I am one happy mommy).

Off to Dapitan to buy a specific tray I saw online and I found it there for less than half the price at ebay.

Our orange Cleopatra chair was bought literally on the street. We were going to Laguna and this chair caught our fancy with its big for sale sign and loud color. At 3,500 and can sit 4 people, it added a pop of color in our neutral sala without making a big dent on the pocket.

We are bringing in our old TV set and refrigerator. Bought our oven this month and will have the screen installed soon.

Oh, and I don't have photos of it yet but I'm already envisioning how our sunburst mirror will make our living room elegant looking. Here's how it looks like. This one was from Robles Heritage.

We're excited to move in!

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Madam Misis Mummy said...

congrats, sis! what is nice with bungalows is that you can add another floor once you have cash to spare. Unlike with condos, you are stuck with the space that yo have.
SM is gonna have a homeworld sale this sept. Dami namin nabili dun when we were about to move in last March.

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