Mommy Moments: I Love Books

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As individuals, we've probably read thousands of titles each before getting married. Once married, I got to read most of his books, and he got to read mine.

It is one of our hopes that we'll get to raise a reader. I hope our son will also love scouring the shelves of bookstores, will get excited at book sales, will try to finish a good read standing in a book store, will exchange books with his classmates, and will bask in the scent of a new and prized book.

We hope we'll always have the means to support his love of reading. And we hope reading will teach him to imagine and explore and learn things not usually taught in the classroom.

At the photo is my son at 9 months.

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Gin E said...

great picture! I love the way you describe the joy of scouring books...makes me remember how much time I spent in bookstore and book sales when I was kid.

Divine said...

Don't worry, mommy, he will. Seeing your shelves, I think he will learn to love reading as well. Happy MM!

Chris said...

Parents have a lot of influence over the kids... and this is the way God designed it to be.. I am sure you will be a good influence to your kid :)

Glad you joined us this week! :)

simply kim said...

i commend you for setting up a good example to your kid. keep it up!

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