He Knows...

...the days of the weeks and that Saturday is a fun day because he gets to ride the car and mommy and daddy is with him the whole day.

...plenty of songs. He learned the national anthem (or parts of it) last summer, rain, rain go away, bahay kubo (the complete albeit bulol version), leron, leron sinta, you are my sun shine, don't cry little one (wait, is that the title?), and almost all of the songs in his CD.

...that when he's naughty, he needs to say sorry.

...to say excuse me and bless you (when somebody sneezes)

...how to drink his vitamins.

...how to share. He shares his food with Thomas and Teddy (his toys) and he even shares mommy's milk with them.

...daddy and mommy need to go to the office Mondays to Fridays. He bids us farewell in a most adorable and yet nakakaawa way.

I have tons of photos to post but no decent camera. Hay, wish the new digicam will get here soon enough.

Have a Happy Tuesday!

*all photos taken at Mcdo last Saturday, his favorite day of the week

1 comment:

ivymarasigan said...

wow, you're teaching him the national anthem already? cool :)

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