6th Birthday at Singapore and Malaysia

I love that our birthdays are only a week apart! I don't really need to plan anything on my day because we celebrate together-- less leaves filed at  the office and joint celebrations are more pocket friendly.

The one year between him being 5 and 6 really brought a lot of changes and in a lot of ways, he really is a big boy now: independent, can speak his mind, has developed his interests (in science, particularly about the universe, dinosaurs, legos) and those we seriously took into consideration when we began planning this birthday trip.

It should be noted it was also a year of setting aside extra funds for this trip so we can enjoy what we felt will be a treat for our boy--Singapore and Malaysia.

My simple pleasure in life is to do mock bookings on Cebu Pacific's website. Yes, I almost always book every time I see a promo with no intention of ever going on a trip but the 75% off tickets to Singapore were too hard to resist. At P6,000 per RT ticket, this sealed the weighing in I had been doing for several weeks prior.

My real target though was the Singapore Airlines promo for just $210nett but never reached them by phone or email.

Here are some photos as we boarded the (very early) morning flight to Singapore.

Intently studying the inflight safety instructions. Good boy!

With grandma as seatmate

The a little more than 3 hour flight went by in a breeze. Kept the boy entertained with snacks and movies on the Ipad.

And before we could get bored, we have arrived in Singapore!

Everything at the Changi (which he early on pronounced as Tiangge) Airport fascinated him. The vastness of the space, the walkalators, even the drinking fountains!

Raring to start going around the city, we bought our EZLink cards at this stall.

His first ever MRT ride in SG. Of course, mom has to capture it on cam.

We went around the city by MRT and Jared so loved the efficiency of it all. Fascinated with all the stop,s platform changes and various exits, he really got to know this system and by our last day knew our surrounding stations better than me!

Stand by for Part II!

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