The Cool Baguio Weather

Along with half of Metro Manila, we trooped to Baguio last January to enjoy the pleasant weather. It was a spur of the moment decision, meaning everything was decided on, planned and booked in a week.

Another spur of the moment, but a well-worth it investment: a nice Canon G15! Small but packs a punch. I happily took all our Baguio photos with this and my amateur eye says I've made (and read all over the internet) the right decision!

We made the trip at 11 pm on a Deluxe bus to Baguio from Pasay and reached the Baguio Terminal around 5 pm on a very cold early morning (we heard it was 9 degrees that day)!

After a brief cab ride, we were welcomed by the warmth of Citylight Hotel, our home for 3 days. It's perched on top of a hill (aren't all places in Baguio do?) so we can just easily walk from the hotel to Session Road at night.

My sleep deprived self had to double check if I was seeing a bear at a hotel lobby. Turned out, it was the Front Desk officer with a really cute hat.

My son sweats like crazy. Nobody believes it when we say that when we leave the house for a simple trip to the mall, I bring at least 2 extra shirts for him. When we are out the whole day, we bring at least 6. Not to mention the countless pamunas for his back. So it has been my dream to dress him (and me!) in cool spring- season clothes.

So, that makes this Baguio trip a dream come true! Our OOTDs were documented and we tried to be as colorful as possible.

I have to commend Citylight's breakfast.Very good selection and they offer something different in the two days we were there.

Had 2nd and 3rd servings of their pancakes

Fueling up for the long day ahead

The hotel is also very near the Cathedral.

Picture-picture at the lobby before our entourage left the hotel.

Not wanting to waste a second, we hailed a cab to Mines View Park.Cab drivers are mostly nice and more importantly, give the proper change to passengers. I wish Manila drivers will be like that, too.

I don't know if it's just me looking through the eyes of my son, but Baguio is more beautiful, cleaner and greener this time.

Maybe because we were there early, or it must be the weather but I honestly couldn't believe Mines View Park can be this peaceful.

Of course, don't leave Mines View without a  pic by this distractingly pink-haired horse. They smell, but they look so photogenic.

After my fill of pictures, and going around the stalls, we rode a jeep to our next destination: The Mansion. Aside from the facade, there is really nothing much to do or see here so I made this little boy pose and pose for my new camera.

We hopped on another jeep to take us to Wright Park.


 "This is Instagram-worthy" (per the taho vendor). Looks nice but only has one measly strawberry--not cool!

I really, really love the woven cloth and want to purchase rolls to be crafted into shorts and other chic stuff. I do believe in promoting local products and artisans. Here's us making the most of our costume-rental.

Through the kindness of strangers, we got to have a group shot. I volunteered to take their group picture in return.

There are several nice spots where you can rest and enjoy the cool January breeze.

 Just across is the Botanical Gardens. I will take my old photos out of the baul and edit this entry with my photo on this spot taken when I was around Jared's age. Now, that will be a cool throwback!

After 4 attractions in one morning, we were famished by lunchtime. I trolled blogs for days to check the best places to eat in Baguio so I don't know why we ended up eating at Gerry's Grill at SM Baguio for lunch on our first day. =)

to be continued

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