Money Making Schemes of a Five Year Old

An ad is effective if my son keeps on singing the tune, or asking us to buy something. He is at the age when he's starting to get vulnerable and falling into advertising traps.

But this series of Sulit ads are something different! It made my son into an instant entrepreneur!

Take for example:

To Mateo (his 6 month old cousin): "If you keep crying, I will see you on Sulit."


"Dad, are you using this guitar? Can I sell it on Sulit?


"Daddy, you keep on watching TV. Sige, I will sell the TV on Sulit."

And the latest:

Jared busy typing on Tati's phone:  "Tati, how do you spell telescope".

Tati peeks into the phone.

Jared apparently took a photo of his old, red play telescope and is trying to upload it on Sulit.

Then this:

The note clipped to the picture says: Go buy lego painting P40

This he displayed at the gate.

To daddy, see my son is an entrepreneur. Sure, he learned internet shopping earlier (" I already placed it in your (Amazon) cart, Mom" ), but he's now into selling!

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