How a monkey is making my photos look nicer

I'm so tempted to just dump all the photos of our previous trips, but this time I will try to edit them and make it look more blog worthy.

Picmonkey is a free and easy to use photo editing tool. I just upgraded to be able to use the features that I want but the free version will be very useful especially for editing newbies. I work with artists and designers every day and I appreciate all the hard work in tweaking photos to showcase the best, because our photos tell the story, right? It's just that personally, I want them to look nice, and do it fast because I don't have the whole day to edit photos-- I also need to keep one active 6 year old entertained.

Here is a comparison:

And a closer look.

Before - The picture nicely captured the father and son joy of riding the cable car for the first time but I wanted a brighter look to the photo.

After a minute or less of editing at picmonkey, tadahhh!!! So much better!

Patience is a virtue I always need to remind myself again and again. I'm almost halfway done editing and so excited to post my beautiful photos this weekend!

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