6th Birthday Celebration: Around Singapore Day 2, Universal Studios

Woke up bright and early for our Universal Studios trip. While packing for this trip, my goal was to have color-coordinated outfits each day while we were on vacation. The dad has other plans though but see me in my all-time favorite color orange (the easy-breezy dress was so right for the ultra hot temp), the boy in his hint-of orange print shirt and the dad, well, in his usual earthy colors.

It's a bit of a challenge to do it I realized because our son goes through about 6 outfit changes each day. So difficult to be color coordinated so I will content myself with this.

We were supposed to just ride the buses going to Sentosa but while eating at breakfast at Vivo City Mall, I mentioned the word cable car and the boy immediately said he wanted to ride one. Thank you, Grandma for the treat! It was a fun (and for the semi altophobic me) and unnerving few minutes.

The boy and his dad though were completely goofing around. Hence, these series of some of my fave shots during the trip. As a side note, these two boys don't know how to smile for the camera so I am thanksful I got to capture how happy they were with the experience.

Me, looking constipated here because I am trying to make as little movement as possible so as not to sway the cable car more.

After alighting from the cable car, we followed the path to take us to the bus stations to our destination for the day: Universal Studios!

picture perfect pathways  

Getting his coin souvenir from this machine you need to hand crank.

And what visit will be complete without a picture by this revolving ball.

Hirap to get a shot when a million other people wanted their picture by this place, too

Then, off we explored Universal the whole day.

He was a little bit scared here, I think. This man played up his part and really looked fierce.

"Mom, I thought dinosaurs are extinct?"    

 It was really a fun, fun day here!

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