Jared Says, the almost 6 year old edition

His fascination with science and planets continues.

J: Mom, when was Jupiter reclassified?
Mom: reclassified?
J: when? When was it reclassified as a dwarf planet?
M: huh?

* * *

While praying

J: ...and Dear God, please do not let the sun burst, not in 13 million years because I don't want to get toasted.

* * *
J: grandma I'm going to the CR
Grandma: Okay, call me when you are done
J: It's okay, I can do it by my selfie!

p.s. Jared in year 2014, selfie  is a big word. It means taking photos of yourself, fyi.

 and because we have a boy who loves hotels
J: Grandma, I want our room to look like a hotel... white bedsheets, very clean.
Grandma: That's not possible
J: Why?
G: Look all your toys are kalat, stickers on the headboards etc etc
j: Oh, never mind. Let's just stay at the hotel when we have money.

* **

J: Mom, oh white bedsheets, white pillowcases. Did you get these from a hotel, mom?

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