How a small family celebrates New Year

When 2014 rolled in (yes, this post is a quarter late), it was just the three of us at home. My sister and her family and mama had lunch in the house.

So, how does a family of 3 celebrate?

I get to tell them what to wear. You know boys will just throw anything on for most part so this one is a plus for me. Red it is for New Year! And as their queen, I'm in the traditional polka dots. This is the pre-selfie pod days. =)

I get a nice foot massage while waiting for the clock to strike 12.

I didn't have to cook up a storm. Here's our New Year spread. Acck, hopefully, it won't be any indication of how rich or prosperous we will be this year.


If we were asleep, won't matter but this year is the first year the boy is awake at 12. Thank you to neighbors and those in nearby villages for treating us to nice fireworks displays that got oohhhs and ahhhhss from the first timer.

Cheers to Y2014 ( what was left of it, anyway)!

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