Halloween 2012: Power Ranger

This has been a long standing tradition at the office. If my memory is still to be relied on, we've been doing the annual kid Halloween thing since 2001, when most malls and offices have not caught on the Trick or Treat craze yet.

I do treasure this time, even when I was still single and would just help in the games and set up. But now that I have a kid, it became even more special. I appreciate the management for always including this  in our year-round activities because not only does my kid get to enjoy playing, it's so nice seeing the kids grow up year to year. It also brings me back to the time when I would visit mama's office (no trick or treat though) and see and take pride at where she works.

Our theme varies every year, and a poll is done to choose the theme. The winning theme is Superheroes.

Days before, the office is abuzz with cutting, pasting and more cutting. We went for a more old-school look and chose Gotham City as our design peg.

He was one of the first at our conference room, eagerly waiting for the play area crew to finsih setting up. Once he felt everything was done, off he went to the inflatable slide.

and played for what seemed like forever



This muscled Power Ranger costume is on online fond so no chance to fit. Look at how tight it was. Thankfully, the boy wore it throughout the event.

Like these girls, I planned to come in costume. But made a costume boo-boo so no, my son was by his lonesome ranger. I was supposed to be the Pink one.

Ninang always drops by the office to check out Jared's costume.

The most fun part for the kids: Trick or Treat!

His first and second Halloween party at the office here
When he dressed up as Jin Kazama
Last year was all about Angry Birds so he just wore a hat and shirt

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